Being a woman is no easy task, but apparently we make it look good to those on the other team. Reddit asked their male readers to name the 'girly things' they'd do if it was socially acceptable. Before we even talk about their responses, let's just ask WHY! Why does it have to be socially acceptable for a dude to do something they'd like to do or even TRY? I'm going to spend the day thinking about this question...

Anyway, according to the survey, here are the 'girly' things guys would like to try if it was socially acceptable.

  • Wearing a dress when it's hot outside and tights or leggings when it's cold outside.  Dudes, sundresses are the best! I'm going to go home, crank the furnace and put on a sundress just to celebrate. (Also, you know you can wear tights or leggings under your pants and no one will know, right?)
  • Using make-up to hide a pimple or a facial mask to improve the look of your skin. Again, you can do the facial mask at home and NO ONE WILL KNOW! (Except when your skin is noticeably smoother.  Ooohhh...!)
  • Carrying a purse instead of stuffing their pockets with their crap. A word of warning from the ladies, dudes; the size of the purse can trick you into carrying too much dang stuff, so be careful with this one!
  • Using the word "cute" more often. This one is tricky, fellas. Start slowly with a random "cute" in front of a few of the female co-workers first. You have to be able to say it without a trace of anxiety, so practice judiciously.
  • Knitting and quilting. Your grandma will be THRILLED! See the purse advice when it comes to carrying your knitting project with you, however.

What else should be on this list?

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