I am not a vegetarian. I used to be in love with one, and that kinda made me a flexitarian. I ate about  90% vegetarian. Which taught me a lot of restaurants offer steamed veggies and cheese sauce on some rice or a salad ((weak little yayyyyyy)).

Just found out Hot Chip Burger Bar has a vegetarian option that sounds wildly good. So, finally, a place to go with real vegetarian options!

It's called the Mind Your Chickpea's and Q's and has goat cheese, basil, curry, lettuce, tomato, onion, smashed avocado, and a potato sprouted wheat bun. It's 6 ounces and, as you can tell from the picture above, it looks delish.

Tho, I admit I didn't have a clue what a 'potato sprouted wheat bun' was. I mean generally, sure. A bun is a bun, right? So I looked it up...and if Wiki is to be believed..

A comparison of nutritional analyses shows that sprouted grains contain about 75% of the energy (carbohydrates), slightly higher protein and about 40% of the fat when compared to whole grains.


Sounds kinda floofy (my word for unnecessarily fancy), but its hard to not experience some floof in today's burger world.

For example, serving burgers with 'fresh field greens.' Totally a floof move. It's good, sure. And even gives your colon something to work with, but good old-fashioned "green (or red) leaf lettuce" works just as well, tastes good, and lacks the floof factor.

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