Remember the hailstorm Sunday? Look at the size of the hail, it was huge!  Just by chance I came across a picture from a year ago that makes Sunday's storm a little eerie!

Last Sunday's hail storm didn't set any records, didn't make the national news, and it didn't last long. But, it did one thing that kinda freaked me out.

It was history repeating itself...and doing better than the first time.

I was looking thru my Facebook memories and came across a reminder that a year ago last weekend we had a hailstorm. It wasn't a big hailstorm, not even close to Sunday's. But, it's worth remembering because the hail was teeny-tiny, looking a lot like bean bag chair filling.

I thought it was snow, but a meteorologist corrected me and said, "Nope...that's hail, buddy. Now, pass the potatoes."  The only picture I have is from a Facebook post from then...

Beat Bag Hail

Maybe last year Mother Nature planned a bigger storm, but someone messed up at the factory, so she came back this year with a vengence.

Either way, kinda eerie to have a hailstorm on the one year anniversary of a hailstorm.

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