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It looks like Mason City, Iowa, is turning their downtown mall into an entertainment center...someplace for the entire family to have fun. Does this mean it might be possible to do the same thing with Shopko South in Rochester, Minnesota?

First, the most recent update...the guy that is going to build a hotel just bought the Southbridge Mall in Downtown Mason City...

Sure, they're starting small, but the plan is the kind of thing people in SE Minnesota have been saying Rochester should have for decades now.

They're Nothing Alike

I realize the two locations are vastly different in layout, size, etc. However, the idea is the same. Take a place that's sitting and turn it into a community asset. Rochester had a TON of great ideas for creating a community space in the old Shopko South building.

10 amazing ideas for what should go in the old Shopko South store

The old Shopko South store has been sitting empty for quite some time - other than a few Halloween costumes being sold for a few months. The outside looks horrible and it is starting to look more like a haunted house than a place that is viable. So, just in case anyone has some cash laying around and a desire to start a new business, here are a few ideas that people in Rochester had for this space.

At the very least, it's exciting to think about, isn't it? Is there someplace else in Rochester you think could be redeveloped into something great for the Rochester Community?

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