Have you ever “Google’d” yourself. I was bored the other day so I did it and found there are many other Brent Ackerman’s scattered across the world. Not only did I look up who they were and what they did, but through Google Images I could also see what some looked like.

Google Brent

Here’s what I found regarding other people with my name. There's a Brent Ackerman who is an intern practitioner at Berkeley. One is a real estate agent in Saskatchewan while another is a project manager in England. There’s a Brent Ackerman that plays guitar in Calgary, Canada and there's one who's a finance guy for a Mercedes dealership in Florida. On one consumer report website, he was described as a 'pushy, know-it-all mope'. But perhaps my favorite Brent Ackerman (besides myself) is a 14-year-old self-proclaimed smart alec on Twitter. He really does have quite the little attitude.

I can only imagine what those guys must think if they google their name and come across me. (“Wow, there’s a Brent Ackerman who’s a nutcase radio announcer in Rochester, Minnesota. Look at all the goofy pictures, silly videos and weird blogs this guy’s done”) and they’d be right. The oddest Brent Ackerman of all just might be me.