My fingers feel like icicles today as I'm typing.  Our studio is a balmy 60 degrees - which isn't horrible but eventually gets to be a bit on the cold side.  Do you work in a cold office too?  I found the perfect addition to your office that will help you keep working (which your boss will love) AND keep you warm!

Less than $5 and your cute, little hands will stay nice and warm with these gloves that plug into a USB.  How genius is that!?!  Bonus, these cozy gloves come in a variety of striped colors while will work with all of your outfits for work.

According to the description on Amazon, these are great for all of you gamers too!

Ever experience that your hand freezing and slowing down your reaction when you are playing game? Maybe when you're playing in an air-conditioned room or in the winter time. Then the USB Heating gloves may suits your need. It has a warming pad inside. Once you plug it in the USB port, it will be warming your hands. Do a great job de-frosting your hands and great for those who live in cold places. -

Ready to make that purchase and get your hands nice and warm again?  Here's the link to the Amazon page so you can get shopping:  USB Heating Winter Gloves

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