It's pothole season, and MnDOT is out in full effect repairing the rim bending, teeth chattering divots. If you are headed North on 35 this morning heading to Minneapolis you can expect delays as crews from MnDOT continue patching potholes on Interstate 35W.

The Star Tribune reports that pothole filling began yesterday on southbound I-35W. The repairs reduced the southbound travelers into a single lane between Hiawatha Avenue and 42nd Street. Today drivers can expect the same stretch of I-35W northbound to be one lane from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. MnDOT has also been working on the potholes that can be found on Interstate 94 through downtown.

"Despite temperatures still being low, we're working closely with an asphalt plant that makes hot mix for patching potholes and they have agreed to open for us this week so we're able to make longer lasting fixes on the road." -MnDOT

Scores of drivers have hit gaping holes that have opened up on both freeways in recent weeks, in some cases causing tires to pop, or rims to bend.

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