Facebook fights are the best, which is why Tracy and I acted this one out! Welcome to Facebook Fight Theater!

WANDA: So Megan talks all this crap on her page, and then deletes it. How pathetic!

EMILY: You mean that stuff about you sleeping with your dad?

JOSH: OMG...only two posts in and this is funny already!

WANDA: I can't wait to see all of you on Tuesday. Bring your first aid kits

EMILY: Why, are you expecting to get a paper cut?

JOSH: Emily you are on fire! Lol

WANDA: Shut up Josh, do you know how many guys think you are a little (poophead)

EMILY: Is this like one of those "how many guys to screw in a lightbulb" jokes?

JOSH: Emily, stop, I can't breathe! Hahahahahahaha

WANDA: No, it's more like one of those "How many guys does it take to screw Emily" jokes. I heard about you last Saturday...

JOSH: What? When I was at the football game?

WANDA: Yeah Josh, ask Emily about the "huddle" at her place

EMILY: Very funny Wanda...everyone knows what a lieing (poophead) you are

AARON: Except this time. I was there and saw the hot-tub action. I'm sorry I didn't say anything sooner, Josh.

EMILY: Look, Gary was having trouble and I was trying to help. He could have drowned

AARON: That's a strange way to save a guy...kind of a different version of "mouth to mouth" from what I could see

WANDA: Looks like you and Josh have a lot to talk about, I think I'll just go now...and don't worry about Tuesday, I think we'll take that day off...

AARON: What is on Tuesday?

JOSH: Swim lessons for our kids...I think our family has had enough water-sports for this week...


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