I'm on the Facebooks a lot, and Facebook is regularly "translating" things for me. Mostly when I don't need it. Like this gem.

I don't even remember what the story was...what the picture was conveying...all of that is gone because of the amazing translation.

It happens all the time, you post something and the "translation" text appears. You click it. It says nothing like you were saying. Maybe you're like me and you think, "How do the translation crew keep their jobs??"

Then you realize, it's automated. And that makes you kinda sad because you prefer the idea of 5,000 people in a room, their sole purpose to translate stuff on Facebook. And you want that to be true because then fails like this one would be the result of bored translators having some fun. "Hey Bob, use "wiener" next time!

Go gettem turns into It Ghetto...when, at least from what the picture shows, it is not. Not even close. Not a smidge.


Speaking of poor translations, Buzzfeed put together this clean (for a change) collection of sign-translation-fails.