It's a rainy Friday. Everyone at work here is all "Mehfmm..." Everyone's keeping byuy, getting stuff done left and right, but not all energized like your usual Friday. So much so, that I found myself with some free time looking thru pictures. I came across these from last September, and I needed to see 'em!

CREDIT: James Rabe Collection
CREDIT: James Rabe Collection

Every photographer I know has a favorite subject. For some babies...for others mountains. For me it's things that get used. Old worn out roads or trails, park benches, brass railings threadbare suits. Give me a well used doorknob and some light and I'm a happy camper.  I once spent a drippy day in Duluth and photographed about 30 doorknobs. Don't believe me? Just watch.

Duluth's downtown is old. It feels old, and so many of the buildings have that "millions of lives have crossed this threshold" atmosphere.

I was in the Grand Rounds building (what else can I call it? It used to be Sontes, and Wongs...I only know it by business names) to talk about a fundraiser and the minute I stepped in I felt that same Duluth feeling. History, age, a lifetime of use.

So, pictures found on a rainy day...

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