Growing up, we all had that one meal that someone spent tons of time on but when it came time to shove it down our throats, every second was torture. We’ve got the Top 5 worst meals that we had to eat growing up – all submitted by you!

No offense to any mom out there for these meals (including my own!). We know you slaved in the kitchen for hours and many times the food was created on a budget. We all have unique taste buds though and what you like isn’t the same as me (or our siblings).  Put the hurt aside that this list might be causing you and just use these as a template of what not to cook ever again.

The Top 5 meals that made the worst list of foods we ate as a kid:

  1. Liver & Onions
  2. French Toast
  3. Goulash
  4. Beef Stroganoff
  5. Stuffed green peppers

For me, I had a horrible time with French toast.  No idea why.  It is still a mystery to me. I love bread. I eat eggs all the time. Still, I just can’t. I’ll gag. It was a bit reassuring to see that I’m not the only one out there that has an issue with French toast. (If any of you need a support person…send me a message on Instagram or my Facebook page anytime! I will stand up to the French toast with you!)

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