*DISCLAIMER* I'm a big fan of winter, much to the dismay of my winter-hating friends. Winter weather is one of the main reasons I love living in this neck of the woods. Usually in February, I'm rooting for a snow day!

That said, a weekend with temperatures brushing up against the 60's leaves us all a little giddy, right? There has been more than one occasion when we've taken our family on Spring Break to Florida and our Minnesota kids were out frolicking in the surf when it's 60 degrees!

So, what do YOU plan to do with your 'spring weekend?' Share some of your #FakeSpring pics with us. I wore flip-flops to work, drove in with the windows down and plan to grill out on our deck tonight.

Speaking of grilling, on my way to the station this morning, I noticed that Just Rite Foods on 6th Ave has their grill out getting ready to serve it up outside for lunch today!

Sure Mother Nature will be back in a few days to remind us who's boss and I really DO hope we get another good snow storm or two in March, but for now... pass the sunscreen!

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