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A Minnesota woman  is in trouble with the law after literally crashing her ex boyfriends funeral in Fargo, North Dakota.

According to the Fargo Police Department, 28-year-old Blaine Whitten, from Barnesville, Minnesota (about 30 miles South and East of Fargo), was not invited (and according to family not wanted) at her ex's funeral. On May 1, 2021, Whitten attended anyway, and apparently sat in her vehicle.

Fargo Police

When police got there, they tried to reconstruct what happened from witnesses. The general agreement was when the burial was over, a family member approached Whitten's vehicle, and that's when she floored it and ran over graves, and allegedly aimed to drive over the family member (who said he had to jump out of the way).

Court documents of Whitten's interview paint a different picture. She says multiple people approached her car, she was worried for her safety, so she took off, trying not to cause any damage. This is contradicted by the father of the deceased saying he saw her driving 50 miles per hour on the grass.

PS - I was in Barnesville, MN once upon a time. To celebrate Potato Days. Here's proof.

James Rabe and Cori Jensen Celebrate Potato Days 20in Barnesville, MN

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