It is a tradition in my house to check out the Old Farmers Almanac to see how brutal the winter may be.  Released months in advance, I wait with anticipation.  Will I be able to wear shorts this winter?  Will I need extra sets of thermals?

Major Blizzard Hammers East Coast With High Winds And Heavy Snow
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Yes on the shorts, well maybe.  And I suggest at least 5 sets of thermals...personal preference.  We're part of the "Upper Midwest" region, which includes Rochester, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington, and Duluth.  According to the report, late November will be brutally cold.  Late November into December will deliver the most snow.  However, they are predicting a warmer winter than usual with less snow and precipitation.  January through March is usually intolerable, but it should be warmer than normal.  PS - August 2018 is expected to be a hot one!

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