I'm gonna let you in on somethin'. You're the first to know: I'm making a major lifestyle change!

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Usually, there are a few different options for breakfast. I could split a Pop Tart with one of the kids. Those don't last long around our house. Maybe, half a week, if we're lucky.

Cereal goes pretty fast, too. I'd need to grab a bowl pretty quick. It's not just for breakfast! We're all eating cereal in the morning; Cathy will grab a bowl as a late night snack.

I could make a couple eggs, toast and bacon. that's more of a weekend breakfast, like biscuits and gravy. Every now and again we'll get donuts for a Saturday morning breakfast.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going for something completely different!

I just saw this study where a scientist in Tokyo made one of the most dramatic breakthroughs: he discovered that eating ice cream for breakfast makes people smarter!

Of course it does!

This brilliant scientist found that people who ate ice cream for breakfast had "faster reaction time and processed information better". When he monitored their brain waves he found they were more alert and calmer.

He tested ice cream against a normal breakfast. He also tested ice cream against cold water, thinking that there was a jolt of energy from the coldness. Ice cream still came out on top of a normal breakfast and chugging ice water.

His hypothesis so far is that eating ice cream for breakfast makes people happy. That joy boosts mental energy!

From now on, I'm goin' for a bowl a joy!

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