I watch Jeopardy in the afternoon every so often just to make myself feel really good if I know any of the answers... or questions as the case may be.  And usually the final Jeopardy question is relatively difficult.  Until this particular Final Jeopardy on Monday of this week.

Final Jeopardy clue: At about 90,000 it’s the most populous U.S. city on North America’s biggest lake

First contestant: Green Bay (wrong lake)

Second contestant: Minneapolis (WAY more than 90,000 people)

Third contestant: Green Bay (again, wrong lake)

Do people just not know geography?  I mean, I get that not everyone has been to Minnesota and might not know what cities are where, necessarily, but it should be general knowledge that Lake Superior is the biggest lake in North America!  At least the second contestant guessed a city in Minnesota.

In case you were yelling at the TV DULUTH!!!  You weren't alone.  And if you are wondering if this was college Jeopardy or regular Jeopardy, it was regular Jeopardy.  The college edition is usually a little bit easier.

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Jeopardy is one of those quiz shows where the contestants usually don't know pop culture at all.  They might know what big event happened in 25 B.C, but not who was the cast of Friends.  That might be an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

If you want to test your knowledge of random trivia, Jeopardy is on weekdays at 4:30pm on NBC.  When you get the correct answers- you can feel smart for about the next 5 minutes.

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