Why do people love their Subarus? I mean, they love their Subarus...everyone has a story about the accident they narrowly missed, or the family reunion that was even better...and the lives that were saved...like the Outback that was flipped upside down!

Check this out from Dear Subaru...

When I got the chance to look for another family vehicle, I could only think about owning another Subaru Outback I bought it for fun, dependability, and to get me to work, but after I was T-boned and flipped upside-down while heading to work, I want to buy another for safety. I walked away with only scrapes, but my Subie took all the damage.

I would SO freak out if that happened to me.

This is why we're so excited about you Finding the Love and driving away in the new Subaru Outback from Clements Subaru and the NEW Y-105FM! Here's everything you need to know so it's you behind the wheel!

There are only 25 Golden Tickets...and you need to get one to get the two year lease on the brand new Subaru Outback! Luckily, there are two great ways to get golden tickets.


Find the Love by listening weekdays for James, Tracy, and Dave to give you the chance to call in and win a golden ticket! We'll even tell you when to listen starting Tuesday morning at 7:20!


Find us every Friday! Check back here every week to find out where and when on Friday we'll be out giving you a chance to register for a golden ticket! We'll have the Wheel of Prizes you can spin to win even more cool stuff! You'll only have an hour to find us and get that golden ticket!


Rita Duda

Hold on to that ticket...put it on the fridge, in your safe-deposit box, or in your shoe, but don't get it go! On December 10th, all the golden ticket winners will gather at the Grand Opening for the new Clements Subaru location, and one lucky person will drive away with a two-year lease on a brand new Subaru Outback!

If you didn't win a golden ticket, show up on the 10th anyway, one lucky Grand Opening guest will win a last-chance golden ticket!

You must be present to win.