What do you do when you're turning 103, you love fire trucks, and you have to be extra careful as you social distance for safety during Covid-19? If you're Reynolds Tomter, you luck-out big-time because you're family and the town love you so!

According to WEAU 13 News, Tomter is known to practically everyone in Trempealeau County (where he lives, in Pigeon Falls). Where the heck is that? Go to Wabasha, then Nelson, turn right, then left, and keep driving for about another hour.

It sounds like Mr Tomter has been one heck of an excellent member of the community.

"He is the only remaining charter member of the Pigeon Falls Lions Club, he was a founder of the fire department, he owned the Pigeon Falls General Store, he likes to say 'if they didn't have it, you didn't need it' and then after he sold the store, then he became a realtor and had 'Reynolds Realty' in town." (Source)

A World War II Veteran, instead of watching the parade go by, he was IN the parade and everyone came out to wave at him. Plenty of social distancing, and plenty of love. Well done, Pigeon Falls, and happy birthday, sir!

Watch the video...hear what a difference he's made in their lives.

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