Thursdays Downtown is here again and there are five new vendors with stuff like you've never seen before. Including jewelry made from sweet potatoes!

Origami by Kannika

Paper crane jewelry that's as unique as the friends you'll buy it for (or yourself!). Lots of colors and patterns, all coated in a resin so it's going to last. This jewelry will get everyone talking. See them July 21st and August 18th in booth R15

She's On A Roll

Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls - click for link for photo credit)
Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls - click for the link for photo credit)

Chicken, pork, and vegetable. That's what we know egg roll options to be. But She's On A Roll takes it to another level with more than 50 eggrolls to choose from. The eggrolls have been supersized and filled with goodness. The Classic Philly, The Buffalo, The Cajun, and The Jerk Chicken are just tiny sampling of the flavors. They'll be at booth Y37 thru the end of the season.

Sideshow Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Marys are the best, especially when it's time for brunch. BUT, making 'em yourself requires multiple bottles, cutting veggies, assembling parts, etc. Forget that noise. Pick up some Sideshow Bloody Mary Mix on July 28th and August 11 (Booth Y19) and be done and done with it.

Sweet Potato Jewelry

Photo courtesy Thursdays Downtown, click for link
Photo courtesy Thursdays Downtown, click for link

Really, it's jewelry made from dehydrated sweet potatoes! No, you can't eat it, but you will look delicious wearing it. They'll be back for the August 11 Thursdays Downtown in booth Y13

Wild Edge Woodworking

You want something functional, but you want it to say something, too. That's function + decor and that's what WIld Edge Woodworking does. "Charcuterie boards, serving trays, and cutting boards with fruit resin, mosaic, or flower epoxy." You can also let them look cool on a shelf or side table. The last chance to see 'em is July 28 at booth Y19.

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Also going on this week is the Olmsted County Fair and if you're curious about what goes on, check out Jessica's gallery. Trust me, there is a LOT to do and see, but make time, especially for the Miracle of Birth center! And all right here this summer in Rochester, Minnesota!

Top 10 Favorite Things at the Olmsted County Fair

It's one of the best weeks in Rochester, Minnesota - the Olmsted County Fair! This year, it is kicking off on Monday, July 25th, 2022 and it is jam-packed full of fun. Before you load the kids up in the car, check out the top 10 things that people in Rochester voted as their favorite at the fair. The full list of fun for the week can be found at the Olmsted County Fair website here.
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