This is the beginning of a series of all the awesome songs that crossed my path, and then disappeared.

One of the greatest things about this job is the huge variety of music I've encountered. And some songs...well, they're just fun to play. You look forward to playing 'em, talking over them, singing along, and talking after 'em. Like Andy Grammar, Good to Be Alive. I LOVE playing that song.

One of the worst things about this job is that songs you love get burned out with listeners, and they go away. Sometimes forever. Today I'm starting a series that'll highlight some of those great songs. If, along the way, there's a song you miss hearing, drop me a line HERE and maybe it'll end up on a future list.

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    The second I hear this I think of two things. The Doctor Pepper Top Nine at Nine and The Aquarius Club. And I have quite a few memories of the club I can only share in person. Good but so inappropriate.

    Also makes me think of Jason Vold. The DJ that taught me how to host a nightclub gig. RIP Kazz.

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    I could talk a lot about how the critics loved what Beck was doing. But really, does anyone care if the critics love a song they love? Of course not.

    Two things to know about this song...

    • a) The chorus, "Soy un perdedor", is Spanish. It means, "I'm a loser."
    • ii) The music video shows him with something blurry on his head. It's a Star Wars mask.
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    No Diggity


    Tracy McCray always yells at me for mentioning how this song kicks off with Bill Withers' Grandmas Hands. Click the link,'ll love the song.

    We played the version without most of the raps, tho we kept in Queen Pen. I'd turn the lights low in the studio, and just sit back and let the groove overtake me.

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    Jump Around

    House of Pain

    I was working nights on 106.9 KROC and since it wasn't on the playlist, I had to sneak this one in when Brent Ackerman, the boss, wasn't listening.

    House Of Pain got it together in Los Angeles. They were Erik "Everlast" Schrody, "Danny Boy" O'Connor and Leor "DJ Lethal." They broke up in 1996, but you probably remember Everlast had a hit with What It's Like. DJ Lethal went on to be part of Limp Bizkit.  (Source)

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    Nothing Compares to You

    Sinéad O'Connor

    It's so moody. So powerful.

    This cover of a Prince song was a #1 hit in 17 countries. In the US, it was the #1 song of 1990, topping the Hot 100 for four weeks. And yeah, I know she tore up a picture of the Pope. At the time, the Irish were reeling from a Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. That's what, ten years ahead of the USA? (Source)

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