One of the main reasons I took the job in Minnesota is because one of my friends that worked at the same TV station I did now works at our sister station in Duluth. Her name is Lauren Wells and she talked me into coming to this beautiful state. Over the weekend, my mom took a trip to Duluth. I got to see my radio partner in crime as well as explore a cool area! Here are five things you should do if you are ever in Duluth!

1. See Enger Tower

Enger Tower is so beautiful. It's on top of the bluff in Duluth and after climbing about 50 steps, you get the most AMAZING view. It looks out over the beautiful city as well as this huge lake that is kind of a big deal! Okay, it's one of the Great Lakes.

2. Hang Out On the Shoreline

The Duluth shoreline is beautiful! When I was there, most things were closed for the season. They had a few food trucks and other attractions. While there you can check out the view from the lighthouse as well as check out the museum on the history of the site!

Duluth Shore Line

3. Visit the Glensheen Museum and Mansion

The Glensheen Museum and mansion is one of the most beautiful places I have been to in my life. It reminded me of Great Gatsby! There was so much history in that house it wasn't even funny. I was in love with their kitchen and could not image waking up to that amazing view every morning!

Glensheen Museum in Duluth MN.

4. Climb a Lighthouse

It has been on my mom's bucket list to see a lighthouse. We made it happen while we were up in Duluth. Split Rock Light House is so so beautiful. It was raining while we were there which made the lake look so cool. Also, the colors were amazing and the view... even better. This trip made me realize how much of a mountain and water girl I am.

Split Rock Light House

5. Try One of Betty's Pies

The last thing we did was go to Betty's Pie. It was your typical diner, with AMAZING pie! That is their Butterfinger pie and it was heaven in a slice. I got a piece of apple to go and that was amazing as well. Next time I plan on eating there at least twice.

Betty's Pie Duluth
Betty's Pie in Duluth

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