James! Why would you want to show people how to make someone mad? I swear that's not what I'm doing. I'm showing you the ways that you can make someone in Rochester mad so people know what not to do.

  • 1

    "Iowa has better drivers."

    I checked, and no they don't.

    I just checked again, same.

  • 2

    Don't Stop To Help Someone In The Winter

    It's been said folks in Rochester can be like a lot of Minnesotans and be kinda passive aggressive. But you know what we don't do? We don't drive by someone stuck in a ditch, or in a snowbank. We stop, check, see if they need help. "Nope, we're good, Uncle Ernie's comin' down with the tow-rope." If everything is cool, you can move on with a, "Well, OK then. Take care." If everything isn't cool. Y'help. That's the rule.

  • 3

    "This is nice, but back in Buttsville we had way more..."

    Yeah, yeah, great, you had 16 coffee shops and each one gave out free pounds of butter. We're Rochester. We're different and we're proud of what we have here.

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    Insult the Mayo Clinic

    Mayo is amazing, they save lives every day. But, like a brother or sister, sometimes they do something that bugs us and we fuss about it. We can do that. We're family.

  • 5

    "Yousguys have too many hockey rinks."

    We know you're from out of town and you don't know any better. Doesn't mean it won't annoy us. It's like saying, "You have too many pools.' We love hockey, we have a history of great coaches in our high schools, and we love waking up at 5 AM for rink-time.

    Well, that part may be not so true, but don't cross us on hockey, ok then?

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