One of the few Flag Day ceremonies in the United States is happening in Southeast Minnesota and you are invited to be part of it on June 14th.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Flag Day Ceremony in Southeast Minnesota

If you notice a few extra flags out on June 14th, that's because it is Flag Day in the United States!  In fact, if you've got one inside your house, go ahead and put it out to celebrate this great day.

One organization in Rochester, Minnesota is going the extra mile for this holiday and hosting one of the few Flag Day ceremonies in the entire country.

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Join us for one of the few FLAG DAY ceremonies in the country. This event is filled with symbolism. Rochester Elks Lodge leadership will discuss the history and meaning of the American Flag, and invite guests to join in singing The National Anthem and “God Bless America.”

The Elks prompted President Woodrow Wilson to recognize the Order's observance of Flag Day for its patriotic expression. But it was not until 1949 when President Harry Truman, himself a member of the Elks, made the proclamation that thereafter June 14 would be a day of national observance for the symbol of our country.

A highlight of the ceremony will be when the Boy Scouts present flags in every inception of it's history, right up to our present day 13-stripe, 50-star flag. - Flag Day Ceremony event on Facebook

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The Flag Day ceremony will take place at the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial in Rochester, Minnesota at 5:00 pm and is hosted by the Rochester Elks Lodge #1091.

Following the ceremony, attendees are invited to Charlies Eatery and Pub in Rochester for a lite meal.

Learn more about this Flag Day event in Rochester, Minnesota at the Facebook event here.

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