July 2015. The Olmsted County Fair was here and Melissa needed my help. or her daughter's Florida (FLORIDA!*) vacation would be ruined. She had to face her biggest fear...and you can see her do it!

Melissa and I have a lot in common. Not a fan of heights. And well...OK,  one thing. One thing in common. We both avoid all tall amusement park rides, and this fear would ruin her upcoming Florida (FLORIDA!) vacation with her daughter, who LOVED rides, but wanted mom to come along.

So, she called, and I arranged an almost solo ride for her at the Olmsted County Fair. Almost solo, because she realized she needed someone to ride with, someone who didn't mind having their hand crushed in fear.

Joe came to the rescue, and Melissa rose to the challenge! We met in front of the Ferris Wheel...

You have any fears? Today's a great day to squash 'em at the Olmsted County Fair!

*On the air, if we say "Florida" we MUST then shout, cry, scream, wimper, "FLORIDA!" It's a thing.

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