Every time you leave the house there's a chance you could have an encounter with a wild animal. Usually, it's not this type of animal. Much of Minnesota was on high alert after this missing poster started showing up on street corners.

  Obviously, a dinosaur is no joke. Especially when it has footprints this big!    


As you may have guessed or seen, there is a new exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo and it is pretty spectacular! I took my wife and 5-year-old son for a stroll through it on Sunday and the animatronic dinosaurs were very life-like. They growled, roared, and some even spit (see the video at bottom of post). My son was scared off by all the "carnivores," as he called them. So was this woman!

There was also a cool area where children could "hatch" like a baby dino...  
Alex hatches (credit: JB Wilde, Townsquare Media)


Here's another cool shot

and another

And here's the cool video...

If you're interested in checking it out, here's more info from the
Minnesota Zoo.