You know planes are dirty...but do you know HOW dirty? According to The Points Guy, these are the things you should never touch when you're flying out of RST, or MSP, or any airport.

a) The Head Rest

Filthy from all the heads, hairs, and hair good. Luckily, you're not planning on licking it...right?

ii) The Tray Table

These are dirty in a gross way. Do NOT eat food if it falls on the tray, just say goodbye to it like it was dead, because it is dead, to you. Why so filthy? People change BABIES on the tray-table for crying out loud.

“People frequently do disgusting things on their tray tables (I’ve seen people change diapers, clip toenails and wipe boogers to name a few), and they are not always properly sanitized between flights. Wipe them down yourself before eating off of them.” – boopboopster from Reddit

3) Seat Pockets

You know what people put in seat pockets? Everything. I can't avoid using the pocket, so I always bring a plastic grocery bag in my backpack. I put my kindle, phone, and any food or medicine in the blag, and then put that IN the pocket. That way it doesn't touch the old food, used tampons, condoms, baby diapers, etc. Totally not kidding.

D) One Last Thing...The Dirtiest Plane in History

Hefner And Benton On The Big Bunny
Photo by Dennis Oulds/Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This is Hugh Heffner and his girlfriend, Barbi Benton on Hefner's private DC-9 airliner.

I do not recommend touching any surface. In fact, drink 20 cups of coffee before going on board so you'll be vibrating just above all surfaces.

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