I used to be anti-zipper merge. But I've changed...and if you're anti-zipper merge, you can change, too. And if you do, there's a big fat prize waiting for all of us called, "Getting there faster!" 

Really, it's true. Studies have shown that, during construction season, zipper mergin' works far better than the ol' line-up way ahead of time method. How's it work? Like this...

Tis the season do the Zipper merge! Tap on the road below.

Posted by Olmsted County Sheriff's Office on Friday, April 8, 2016

That gif isn't working for everyone, so....

Last construction season, Tracy McCray made a pretty strong case for zipper mergin' on the Y-105 Early Morning Show.

Why do so many people line-up against the zipper merge? This is just a guess, but...maybe we're just poops when it comes to the road.

Think about parking spaces. How many people do you know that would stay in a parking space longer if someone beeped at you to hurry it up? It becomes a teachable moment...staying in the parking space, making calls, reading Facebook...whatever it is that'll delay leaving the parking space, to teach the other person a lesson.


Which it doesn't. Of course it doesn't. Any more than honking at you would teach you to stop being a pokey-joe.

Let it go...we all own the road...and being a poop about it doesn't stop the other poop from being a poop...it just makes them poopier!

So...please, for the love of all that is holy, let that roadway teaching certificate expire and Zipper Merge already! We're a team, and if we all play together, we'll get there SO much faster!