Kids are full of jokes. Some are even funny. But no matter what, we love the kids, so we encourage 'em. We laugh. But what if there was a way to help the kids learn how to tell jokes? Good news, there is! This is it. The Y-105FM University of Humor. Today's course, Knock Knock 101,  the basics.

I was at the Olmsted County Fair this weekend and met Peter, in the video. He's the perfect role model for your kids and their knock-knock-joke-dreams.

a) Peter gets right to the joke and obviously knows it by heart. This is super important.

ii) Peter tells the joke clearly, energetically, and with the perfect mischevious look,

3) He waits for me to answer, keeps up the energy in his face, and then with a huge smile, hits the punch line, adding a bit of polish on the APE in April.

These are the three essential parts of telling a knock-knock joke. No need to add a bunch of stuff to explain it. No need to speak after the punchline. Just smile and basque in the laughter. If they ask for more, awesome...otherwise, sit down and turn the attention to someone else. It is an old showbiz trick, Less is more. Let them think of you as the funny person, not the person that never stops trying to be funny.

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