Sometimes you want to be close to your sweetie-pie, snuggles, cuddles, and smooch-wise. Then it's cool to up in your space.

But, Ford Motor Company knows it is also important to find a way to make bed-hogs back off, so they got to developin'.

What'd they come up with? A bed that literally moves your sweetie pie over, so you can get some space. You have to do the rolling over to the more space part, but that's the easy part. Getting Bed Hoggy McHoggerson to move over is the impossible thing.

What's the trick? Basically, the bed surface is a big conveyor belt. When the hog hogs, the bed's sensors pick up on it and moves them over. Then you roll back to your spot, with plenty of real estate around you.

They've only made a prototype, but I know a LOT of couples that would love this. LOVE this.

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