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If you're flying Southwest Airlines this fall or winter, forget about grabbing a drink while you're enjoying your flight out of Minnesota!

If you like to tip back an adult beverage while you're flying, you won't be able to do it if you're flying Southwest Airlines out of Minnesota. I have to say, I've only had an adult libation on two flights-- the first was while we were flying Delta's Comfort Plus on our way back from Europe in September 2019 when I had a lovely IPA. Then, earlier this spring, we were upgraded to first class on a flight from Chicago to Norfolk on our way down to the Outer Banks and enjoyed a Bloody Mary to kick-off our vacation.

But now, you won't have that chance-- if you fly Southwest, that is. And it's thanks to bad behavior on the part of our fellow travelers. Ever since the airlines started ramping up flights after the pandemic shutdowns ended earlier this year, episodes of unruly passengers have increased so much, that several airlines have limited alcohol sales to try to curb that bad behavior.

Southwest, though, went farther and banned alcohol altogether earlier this year to try to limit some of that unruliness, according to this story from travel site One Mile At A Time. And, Southwest just announced that they're extending that ban on all alcohol on any of their flights through mid-January of 2022, the same date to which the FAA extended its mask mandate.

Southwest is the only major airline in the United States to have a blanket ban on alcohol. Airlines like Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, United, etc., are once again serving alcohol. The only other airline to have a partial ban on alcohol is American — the airline serves alcohol in first class, but doesn’t sell it in economy, the story noted.

So, if you want a drink while you're flying, don't book a flight on Southwest. And, if you really want a drink, don't book a flight at all, instead check out one of these 22 amazing craft breweries, all within an hour of Rochester! (And don't miss Rochester On Tap-- the largest craft beer festival in southeast Minnesota-- coming to Mayo Civic Center October 30th!)

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