It's hard to put all of this into words, isn't it? I've been thinking about what our future history books and Wikipedia pages are going to look like and what they will say when someone in the future reads about Covid-19.  I know the facts will be there but will the stories of how students felt while e-learning, how families adjusted when groceries weren't available and jobs were lost, or how grandparents played tic-tac-toe games with preschoolers on the windows of their care facility?  I hope so.  These free time-capsule printables can help tell those stories so they do!

Natalie Long created these free printables for families and just created a bunch of new pages that people were requesting.

"We are living through history right now"
As hard as it is to be living in this moment it is something our children will tell their Children and Grandchildren about!
My COVID-19 Time Capsule designs were created for MY family to work through and document BUT it has now been shared with so many families it's all a little surreal.
I'm so humbled that this resource and idea is been completed in so many homes world wide.
I'm just a Mom, struggling through the long days (like most) homeschooling her kids and wanted to document this experience as best I could.
Sharing with others was my way of trying to spread some JOY in this time of uncertainty ❤️ - Natalie Long, Long Creations Facebook Page

Click here to get to Natalie's website and add these printables to your kids' e-learning...and maybe take a break from working at home and enjoy the pages for adults too!  These are such a great way for our kids to be creative but also a unique way for all of us to share our own stories.

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