Did you go with a fake tree or a real Christmas tree this year?  If "real" is your answer, you might be scratching your head right now wondering what you are supposed to do with it now that Christmas is over.  Below is a great option that is free in Olmsted County.


Here's Where You Can Dispose Of Your Real Christmas Tree in the Rochester, Minnesota Area

Not sure if you've "liked" the Olmsted County Environmental Resources Facebook page yet, but you should. They have some helpful information for all of us and on one of their latest posts, they shared details on how you can compost your real Christmas tree for free.  If you missed the news, check it out below:

Christmas trees can be dropped off at the Olmsted County Compost Site, any day of the week during daylight hours (through March).
🌲 There is no disposal fee.
🌲 Remember to remove the stand, ornaments, and lights.
🌲 Wreaths, swags, boughs, and evergreen decorations should be placed in a bag and thrown in your garbage to prevent the spread of an invasive species known as the Elongate Hemlock Scale—a pest that feeds on conifer trees. Do not compost.

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