New month and new goals (that I am actually going to hit this month!)  I've learned throughout the years of being a mom and having a busy schedule that writing down my goals helps keep me accountable.  I know I'm not the only one that needs a workout calendar so I created one and you can download it for free!

Getting stronger and healthier is always on my mind but really started about 10 years ago.  My youngest was about a year old and I was having a really hard time walking and was in pain 100% of the time, even while sleeping.  I was at the point where I was crawling up the stairs in my house because I just couldn't walk up them.

Physical therapy saved me but honestly, it was a lot of work.  But I had a goal; live pain-free.  I had exercises to do every day, three times a day, and I used a calendar to keep track of my progress.  I was told it would take a year before I would be pain-free but I had to do the work to get there.  Almost to the day, a year later, I had a few moments where I didn't have pain...and it was awesome!  It only happened though because I worked on that goal and kept myself accountable.

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

Whatever your personal goal is, there are a ton of great apps out there to help you reach those, track your progress, check those calories...and I've used most of them.  Call me old school but having that visual right in front of me is what works best for me.  

Why?  Well, I can simply swipe away a notification that says "Move" or "It's been an hour since you've moved."  What I can't do is swipe away my calendar that shows my goals and also my plan to work out for the month.   Putting this by my mirror as I get ready each day or by the tv (where I would love to watch an episode of 'This Is Us' and just relax)...well, that helps remind me that if I want to reach my goals I've got to do the work.

Need a workout calendar to help you reach your goals?  I've got one for you over at The Journey - which is a website where some mom friends write about our journeys of #momlife.  You can download the free February workout calendar at this link:  Free February Workout Calendar


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