I'm not a yoga expert and have even told my friends that "yoga is not my thing".  My body though loves yoga and feels so much better after a really good class - and when it is free, I love it even more.  I found out about a FREE yoga class in Rochester at a park and knew that I had to share the info with the world.

If you've got any self-doubt going on about trying yoga or have some questions going through your mind...I've got an FAQ about Yoga below to help!

FREE Yoga Class at Kutzky Park

FAQ about Yoga (because I know these are in your head if you are a newbie)

What if I can't stand on my head?  Ok...first of all, if an instructor is wanting you to do that on your first class, they aren't a great instructor and you should walk out.  Most people can't do that.  *I was a fitness instructor with many certifications in a variety of areas - still have many today (none that are yoga though) - and instructors should be able to show you an adaptation that is safe for your body and also with any limitations that your body might have.

I don't have a yoga mat so I guess I can't go, right? If you've got a mat, great.  If not, no worries!  Bring a bath towel or a beach towel.

What do I wear? For me, the biggest thing is to wear something that I feel comfortable in and confident.  There is a lot of movement with yoga so jeans aren't a good thing but yoga pants, capris, sweatpants or something that moves easily is great.  I'm a tank top loving gym wearer but t-shirts work.  I also like to dress in layers because sometimes it is cool at the start of the workout but as your body warms up it feels good to take a sweatshirt off so you don't get overheated.  *you do not need name brand clothes...if that is what you are asking*

What if I can't do something?  That is ok.  Seriously.  I've got one really bad hip that basically feels like it is fused together so that side is not very flexible.  You do what feels great for your body and if you have questions, ask the instructor for a modification.

I hear that you just sleep in yoga.  Is that true?  Well, it has happened.  I've seen it.

What resources do you recommend reading about fitness?  So happy you asked!  There is a lot of info out there and with anything...there is the great stuff that is research and evidence-based and...the not so scientific.  Here are a few links that I highly recommend because their info is solid and these are experts in the field of wellness and fitness.  (If you need others...send me a message on my personal Facebook page or at jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com)

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