I'm currently scouting for a real estate agent to sell my house here in Minnesota because I just heard the "F" word in the forecast for our state.  Yes, the word "frost" is a swear word to me...and it is coming for us.  If you live in Wisconsin, fyi, it might show up tonight for you too.


Frost Is In The Forecast for Minnesota and Wisconsin on Thursday.

This is it.  This is the sign that the end of 2022 is actually getting closer.  It is also the sign that all of the snowbirds better get packing super fast and get out of Minnesota because Mother Nature is ready to show us what's she got.  Yes, the "F" word just showed up in the forecast for Minnesota and if you haven't figured it out yet, that word is F-R-O-S-T, frost.


Northern Minnesota, cover your plants tonight because here's what the National Weather Service in Duluth just posted:

.DAY ONE...Tonight

Areas of frost are possible over portions of the area tonight. A
Frost Advisory has been issued for tonight for portions of
northern Minnesota.

.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Thursday through Tuesday

Frost is possible again Thursday night over much of the Northland
with freezing temperatures over parts of northern Wisconsin and
the Iron Range and Arrowhead of Minnesota.

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When is Southeast Minnesota going to see frost?

That's a great question.  Thankfully, I haven't noticed anything in the forecast for the middle or lower portion of Minnesota to receive frost yet so our plants can still remain uncovered and stay green for now.  It is chilly in the mornings, and flannels are recommended, but I haven't noticed the word "frost" for the lower portion of the state yet.

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