Rain, rain, please...for the love of all things, just go away.  This past week has been brutal for numerous cities in Iowa as well as Mankato, Waterville, and Spring Valley in Minnesota.  And the videos of the Rapidan Dam being breached and causing buildings to crumble into the water are absolutely heartbreaking.  Valleyfair in Minnesota even had to temporarily close a few popular rides due to flooding at their location.  Unfortunately, the situation has not improved at the park and another update was just provided.

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Valleyfair in Minnesota Temporarily Closing Several Popular Rides Due to Flooding

Earlier this week, Valleyfair in Minnesota let visitors know that unfortunately, three of their popular rides had to close temporarily due to flooding.

⚠️ FLOOD IMPACT: Due to significant flooding of the Minnesota River next to Valleyfair, the park has temporarily shut down three rides that are in the flood zone. These rides are Excalibur, Thunder Canyon and Renegade.
Valleyfair’s parking areas also have been impacted by the flooding.

Based on the comments happening on Valleyfair's social media channels, it was pretty obvious that another update would be coming soon...and not one that said, "Everything Is Back Open".

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New Flood Update From Valleyfair in Minnesota

The good news is that Valleyfair IS still open.  The bad news is that there is zero parking on-site now due to the water rising even more.

UPDATE: Beginning Thursday, there will be no on-site parking due to rising water levels. Please plan your trip to go to one of the listed locations. - Valleyfair on Facebook

Thankfully, other arrangements have been made for Valleyfair guests who need to park a vehicle while they visit the amusement park.  Below is some additional communication from Valleyfair and a way to stay up-to-date on anything new that may occur due to flooding.

Valleyfair in Minnesota Encouraging All Future Guests To Check Latest Updates Before Visiting

Several procedures are in place that differ from a normal visit to Valleyfair.  Changes include what can be brought into the park, places you are allowed to park, and statements on re-entry and refunds.  Before you visit the park, Valleyfair is encouraging all guests to check the latest updates regarding flooding at their website here.  Parking information can also be found here as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

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