April showers bring...lots of lightning! Ok, every storm that we get in Minnesota doesn't always arrive with big claps of thunder and bolts of bright lightning but when it does, there is one common activity you will want to avoid doing.

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One Thing To Avoid When It Is Lightning in Minnesota

The sky gets a little darker, rain starts dropping, and all of a sudden you hear a boom that rattles your house. When you hear thunder, according to the National Weather Service, there is a really good chance that there is lightning within 10 miles of you. And when that thunder is roaring, there is a place in your house that you should avoid.

WARNING: Avoid Taking Showers During a Thunderstorm

I've had an interesting few mornings.  On Monday, I went to the gym bright and early and realized when I was in the shower that I forgot my towel.  Today, I was back at the gym and while I was in the shower, I realized I had forgotten my soap.  Tomorrow, I hope I remember all of my clothes but at this point, I'm just going to guess that something is left at home.

Since I've been missing quality showers lately, I just want to take a nice, hot shower tonight with all the fun, smelling soaps and a fluffy, soft towel.  Well, I did want that until the storm rolled in with bangs of thunder.  I knew that danger loomed if I turned that water on and here's why:

"...it is best to avoid all water during a thunderstorm.  Do not shower..."

- US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Why Shouldn't You Take a Shower During a Thunderstorm?

According to the CDC, there is a chance that lightning will travel through the plumbing.  Bolts of lightning and water with your body standing there in it are not a good combination and the CDC suggests to avoid running water during a storm.  That is the best precaution to reduce your risk of being struck by lightning.

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Help Save Lives and Pass The Warning Along

When it comes to big, giant flashes of electricity aimed at Earth, this is one warning you are probably going to want to tell your friends and family about.  YOU could end up saving their life.  We made it easy for you too.  At the top of the page, look for the "Share on Facebook" or "Share on Twitter" buttons.  (They look just like the photo below)

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