Minnesotans are tough but we didn't have tough enough cars for this latest storm. This video of cars getting stuck in a Rochester apartment complex parking lot is hilarious...especially when you have the sound on.

In case you missed it, Minnesota got hit with an amazing storm that closed pretty much every single road. We were all told not to drive and to just stay home. Some residents in Rochester apparently didn't get that message from MnDot and the Olmsted County Sherrif's office and they tried to get out of their parking lot.

According to Bringmethenews.com, Kelsey Saladin, Rachel Hoverstad and Hanwen Wong created the video to show parents. The idea of the video going viral wasn't on their mind but a few hours after posting the video on Sunday, the video was watched a million times.

What makes it funny? Getting stuck in this storm isn't funny but the captions and music that go along with the video are pretty hilarious. Go ahead and watch the video below!  (And for all of the cars that got stuck, I hope you finally got dug out!)

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