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It happened again, another listener in Rochester, Minnesota, sent me a nasty email. Only this time, the anger-ball wasn't made about littering, they were mad about me wearing a face mask inside a car.

Why? Why would someone get angry enough to send me an email to yell at me for being masked up? I honestly don't know. If I was swerving all over the place, endangering lives by taking selfies while driving, sure. Email away. But this from me wearing a mask while hanging out with a friend?


There's a pandemic. Over 200,000 people are dead because of the Covid. I'm immunocompromised. But I'M the covidiot for wearing a mask in the car. Cheese and crackers batman, someone needs a hug!

Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt by dough-heads like this. I'm just baffled. They know enough to know I'm on the radio but not enough to know I had a kidney transplant and take pills to keep my immunity system from attacking the kidney? OK, maybe I can buy that. I don't mention it every day or anything. But then I'm left with being a sheep.

Mike McBey // flickr

I'm a sheep? At the very least that's a baaaaad argument, and at worst, they've got mutton to back it up. Shear nonsense. Not knowing the person I'm not going to roast them (with potatoes and carrots? yum). I'm sure if we met we could be friends and then it'd be alls wool that ends wool.

You herd it hear first, I will not abandon sheep! I will keep the mask on and know jerks throwing sheep shots have are probably angry over something else, like getting fleeced in a deal. OK, enough puns...and seriously, if it's not hurting ewe, knock it off. (oops, sorry, did it again)

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