They look majestic, don't they? All up there on the throne. Well, you'll be able to get that majestic in your mouth (MAJESTIC MOUTH!)!

Wait, what? Are Game of Thrones Oreo Cookies really a thing? According to @CandyHunting, yes...they will be a thing in time for the April 14th Final Season Debut. You can scroll down to see the packaging, but it looks like it'll just be Oreo Cookies in a special package.

The blog DELISH says,

The new Nabisco collaboration—which will supposedly include the dark GOT-inspired packaging, house names, and all—is not the first promotional push in honor of the series' return. It looks to be a part of the show's continued #ForTheThrone campaign, as they've already teamed up with Urban Decay for a show-themed line and with Bud Light for a Super Bowl commercial.

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