Popular Celebrity Spotted in Rochester, Minnesota Over The Weekend

I KNEW I should have ordered some food at Nupa over the weekend!  And if I did, maybe, just maybe I would have timed it right and just happened to bump into a famous celebrity that was spotted in Rochester, Minnesota.

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If you missed the photo that Nupa shared on Facebook, it looks like Gerard Butler was visiting the Med City again.

We were honored to serve Leonidas, King of Sparta, this past weekend. - Nupa Facebook page

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Why is Gerard Butler in Rochester, Minnesota?

Quite a few people are wondering why he is here...in the winter...when it is one of the coldest weeks ever...but we aren't going to speculate on the "Why".  I do enjoy the fact that when he comes to town, he is actually enjoying Rochester, or at least it appears like he is.  Last summer, he showed up at Thursdays Downtown several times and even at our very own Olmsted County Fair.

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