The Minnesota State Fair announced a new attraction this year!

The Great Minnesota Get-Together will feature one of North America's tallest Ferris Wheels!

In a press release, State Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer said, “We’ve been working for years to land a spectacular ride like the Great Big Wheel." He also said it will be placed at the center of Machinery Hill on the north side of the fairgrounds, giving everyone a whole new look at the fair.

Manufactured in the Netherlands, the Great Big Wheel is equipped with 36 enclosed gondolas. each holding six people. A spectacular lighting system features more than a half-million LED lights that can be programmed to display thousands of designs and colors. Twelve trailers are required to transport the 200-ton ride.

If you want to check out a 156-foot-high view of the fair, this ride is for you and it will only cost you $5 for the ride. I'd recommend getting there early, make this the First Ride with the whole family to have a Looky-Lou over the whole place, survey the territory as it were, before breaking out and moving on to different parts of the Fair. While you're "Oooo-ing" and "Aaah-ing" you can make your plan and set a time and place to meet back up.

Photo From MN State Fair
Photo From MN State Fair

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