How can you get your kids to eat their vegetables without fussin' and complainin'? Science has a sure fire way!

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When it's walking taco night, my daughter, Bella, bypasses the bowl of onions. The one room she will never enter is the mush. Her brothers, Justin and Ethan have to have to have to have jalapenos on pert near everything; however, Justin will NOT tolerate pickles on his burgers.

When Justin first came home, Cathy made breakfast that I had been missin' for eight weeks while we were over in Kiev. Biscuits 'n' gravy! Justin did not say that he didn't like the biscuits 'n' gravy, he said they were "foo" or bad. Cathy was crushed. We didn't have biscuits 'n' gravy again until after Ethan came home. A. Year. Later.

The most reviled of vegetables, the sprout from Brussels
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How does a parent get their kids to eat something they don't like, like vegetables?

Researchers in England tortured - er, conducted a study, with 80 kids aged nine to eleven. For the purposes of science, and to benefit all of mankind, the guinea pigs - er, test subjects, at kale for fifteen days. The results were quite astounding. And kinda funny. While they didn't LOVE kale after 15 days, they had learned to tolerate it and not complain about eating it. The hardcore die hards ate kale even longer, until they stopped complaining, too.

So basically, what you're getting is quiet acceptance. Children that will suffer in silence, until...



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