It's no joke.  Girl Scout Cookies saved two women stranded for two weeks!

These two women, Leslie Roy and Lee Marie Wright, were found Friday about two hours from my hometown (Sault Ste Marie, MI). It took two weeks of searching, and a lucky reflection off their Ford Explorer, to locate the two in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Michigan State police Detective Sgt. Jeff Marker told the media that the Explorer lost power and, that far out in the wilderness, they had no cell reception.  But, they were smart and wore the right kinds of clothes for a trek thru Northern Michigan, plus had food in the car (Girl Scout Cookies and cheese puffs!).  WIth that, and melted snow, they stayed alive.

Having grown up in that area, and knowing how easily they could have died, it looks like they did everything right, including STAYING WITH THE CAR.  Kudos!

But it does make me wonder...if you had to survive for two weeks on snack food, what two would you pick?