My ex-wife, Julie Hammond Kropp, and I divorced back in 1995. She moved away and, recently, returned to Minnesota. This story could easily have two titles; "I Didn't Want My Last Name on My Licence, Anyway" and "James Rabe and the DMV: Conspiracy!". 

There I was, minding my own business, thinking nothing of it, when all of a sudden, I get a text. It was from Julie. After a week of hassling with the DMV, she'd just received her new drivers licence in the mail. And something was horribly wrong with it.

Before we go any further, I swear I had nothing to do with it.

Hey, you'll get a kick out of this. After 4 trips to the DMV with God knows how many documents...they still got the name wrong.

Now that is what we in the radio business call an excellent tease! I just had to hear the rest of the story...especially since I was certain I was somehow involved.

The DMV line is kinda long! Getty Images

I had to show them my birth cert, our marriage license, another "certified" copy of our marriage license, our divorce papers, my 2nd marriage license, bank statement, utility bill and Social Security card...and explain the progression of my name changes to at least 5 different people.

On my 3rd try...after I thought I had all the correct documentation, the lady tells me that the copy of our marriage certificate that I have from...almost 25 years a "bridegroom copy" and not official. So I had to go to the Government Center...stand in line....I thought they were going to print off an official certificate, I was paying for it after all. Nope, they PHOTOCOPIED the copy I already had and stamped it. Classic!

And they still got it wrong...can you believe it???

How wrong did they get it?

Her name is Julie Hammond Kropp.

The license read, "Julie Hammond...(wait for it)...RABE"!

Being a guy that goes for the funny, it took all of my strength to keep from saying, "You're in MY state now! Booya!"