This is one of the most amazing come-from-behind victories I've ever seen.

I can tell you to keep your eye on the running in red, but you'll have a hard time because she's so far back the camera doesn't even pick her up until she's there, and then she. Is. There!

This reminds me of Mr. McKerrol. He was my science teacher in 9th and 10th grade. He loved being on teams, but the track coach kinda laughed and said, "You wanna run hurdles?"

Mr McKerrol was, at best, 5'5" and had super short legs. He was strong and fast, but how would he jump the hurdles without long legs? According to him, he didn't need to. He ran THRU them. At track meets, everyone else was jumping over the hurdles and he was BAM! running into them BAM! BAM!

It was one of those times I wish the YouTubes existed. That would go viral so fast!

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