Every weekday at 6:08 and 9:20, I do the Good News, an uplifting way to start the day. Today it was the story of the luckiest Domino's delivery guy and/or the most honest Domino's customer!The story takes place in Berkeley, California. Mike Vegas ordered some Domino's pizza and wings and sat back, ready for a feast. The food arrived, he ate a slice o'pizza and the phone rang. It was work, calling him in on his day off.

Gah! A meal foiled by the man!

He worked his tail off 'til 5AM, got home, opened the fridge, and reached in to get his wing on!  Turns out, the box was wingless, but it wasn't empty. Instead of wings, Mike found two big stacks of cash...$1,300 in all!

His phone had been blowin' up at work, but he'd been too busy to answer it. You know who'd been calling? Right! The delivery guy. Mike was his last delivery of the day, and he made it just before he went to make a deposit at the bank.

To thank him, the general manager game him free pizza for a year! Solid!