On a most basic level, when I depart this life, I want to know that I've made a difference.

Isn't that what all of us want?

This is why each spring, at the start of road construction season, I spread the love of the Zipper Merge.

What's THAT, you say?

You know how you are sitting in snarled traffic when three lanes get funneled down into one lane so the construction guys can work safely?  Being the obedient Midwesterner that you are, you pull over to a single lane in anticipation of the merge point one mile up the road.  And then, like most Minnesotans, you seethe with anger as the other drivers zoom past you only to "cut in line" at the "last minute."  I've felt your dirty looks!  I KNOW you want to punch me in the throat!

This, my friends, is where the Zipper Merge comes to your rescue.  Please take a moment to watch this extremely helpful message from our friends at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  (Feel free to air guitar that snazzy solo while you're at it.)

(Video credit to Minnesota Department of Transportation)

We are SUPPOSED to pull out and fill all the lanes UP TO the point of merging.

So save those dirty looks for the neighbor's dog that won't stop peeing on your lawn!  The Zipper Merge absolves you of all guilt and the next time you do it, I hope you remember me: making a difference, one person at a time.