It was a beautiful, sunny day at Whisle Binkies on the Lake as a ton o'folks had their heads shaved to save lives!

The 10th Annual St Baldrick's Head Shaving Saturday brought in about $25,000 to benefit pediatric cancer research. Since it began, the head shaving brought in just over $320,000...which blows me away, considering it's one head shave at a time!

Above you see a guy that's been doing it for 9 years and raised over $2,400 Saturday. He started out all shaggy and just as the stylist had most of his head shaved, he brought in the make-up crew and bam!  CLOWN!  Which is awesome, and, if you're me...terrifying.

Kudos to all with the shaved heads and beards, man and woman, child and adult!

Plus, as a bonus, I made it on TV!  Whoop whoop. Check it out.

Did you see me? No? I'm not sure how you could have missed me, but here's a still...


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