The gold cups are in Minnesota.  I REPEAT.  The gold cups for the popular Netflix show, Love is Blind, are in Minnesota.  If you've been wondering where the crew is filming and who is on the show, just keep reading.

**Spoilers for the upcoming Love Is Blind Minneapolis show may appear below.  Keep reading at your own risk.**

Love Is Blind Cast Celebrates Netflix's First Live Reunion With The Iconic Pods In Nashville
Getty Images for Netflix

Gold Cups Spotted for Popular TV Show Filming in Minnesota!

Wherever you work, I can guarantee that someone you know just finished watching the latest episode of Love is Blind.  The latest episode came out on Netflix on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024.  I won't give away any spoilers for that, in case you haven't finished watching it yet, but I do suggest you stay off of X (aka Twitter)People are talking over there. 

If you are up on your Love Is Blind gossip, you are already aware that Minneapolis/St. Paul was picked as one of the next locations.  Well, it sounds like filming has begun because the well-known gold glasses that are proudly held by cast members have been spotted in Minnesota.

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Netflix's Love Is Blind VIP Viewing Party In Atlanta
Getty Images for Netflix
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Rumored Spots Where Love is Blind Was Filming in Minnesota

I am very confident that the Love Is Blind cast is filming right now.  In fact, based on a few posts that I found, I believe the cast members are now in the "live together" phase of the show.  And I have a really good idea where their apartments are in Minnesota.

According to stories, posts on X (aka Twitter), Reddit, TikTok, and Facebook, below are a few of the spots where the gold cups and possible cast members have been spotted in Minnesota:

(See all of the locations on Google at this link)

Filming in Minneapolis (O’Shaughnessy Distilling)
byu/kerfufflesensue inLoveIsBlindOnNetflix

Latest Places Love Is Blind Has Been Spotted Filming in Minnesota

Love Is Blind Cast Celebrates Netflix's First Live Reunion With The Iconic Pods In Los Angeles
Getty Images for Netflix

Who is Going To Be On Love Is Blind Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Several TikTok videos have been posted lately chatting about a list that was leaked with a list of the possible cast members for the Minnesota Love Is Blind season. dug a bit deeper too because one of the possible cast members allegedly has a reputation with quite a few women in the Minneapolis area that he has dated...and it is not a good one.  I don't know this person, never met him, and also don't know the background of the women making the claims.  This being a reality TV show, you just don't know what is real.

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Love Is Blind Cast Celebrates Netflix's First Live Reunion With The Iconic Pods In Nashville
Getty Images for Netflix

What about this leaked list?  If you weren't on social media at just the right time, you may not have had an opportunity to see the list that was shared with the possible crew members for Season 7 of Love Is Blind.  The video that I saw was deleted but the list below is still being shared on Reddit, Facebook groups, and several other sources.

I have heard that a few of these accounts are now set to private on Instagram and several of these individuals have been spotted together at different locations in the Minneapolis area.  If I hear any confirmations prior to the trailer for the reality show airing, I'll have that update over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - and over on Instagram.  For now, you can go check out these accounts on Instagram to get a sneak peek at who might be on TV soon.


When is the Reunion Episode For the Latest Love Is Blind Season?

Next Wednesday, March 13th, is when we all should gather around a TV with a gold cup full of wine and our bff's.  The Reunion Episode will be airing and I am sure there will be a lot of tea that is shared...because that last episode was a bit of a disaster.  #JustSayin

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